BARRY COHEN is an award-winning resume writer and outplacement career/job coach who has assisted thousands of individuals, from welfare mothers to CEO’s, to win the job they really want. Barry has been featured in IMAGE Magazine, The Learning Annex, “Good Day New York” TV show and currently oversees job development and job placement for 17 colleges of the City University of New York. 60% of his clients get hired within 30-60 days using his method and strategies and has been called “fun to work with.” He is the author of “Power Interviewing, Killer Cover Letters: How to Get the Job You Really Want!”

His manual took 20 years to compile and consists of proven resumes, cover letters and interview answers that have enabled his clients to “ace” their interviews...why not let the same materials work for you?

“You are the best resume writer in New York! Thanks to you I generated  a 6-figure income with great potential!”

“You had a direct positive impact on my life. There were moments that were very difficult for me – you were always there.”

“My company utilized Barry as an outplacement consultant with great success. He has coached hundreds of our employees to alternate employment opportunities….he is outstanding and I recommend him highly.”

...Lockheed Martin Fairchild Systems

“You helped me more in I hour than other counselors  have done in several sessions. Your resume, cover letter and interview techniques worked wonders.””


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The Career Counselor

"If you job hunt like everyone else, you end up like everyone else."


· Target and plan your job search.

· Prepare a potent resume and “killer” cover letter.

· Prepare you to “ace” every job interview and get the job you really want by coaching you to communicate confidently (even though you don’t feel it).

· Job coach you in negotiating your value and earning the maximum salary.

· Assist you in increasing your visibility for job advancement (learn the 8 “magic” words that will help you keep your job and get promotions))

· Teach you how to increaser your value to a potential employer.

· Instruct you in the proper and effective way to network (how 78% of jobs are won).


To learn more about Barry Cohen’s “Power Interview” workshops, resume writing or interview preparation, call or e-mail right away. Remember: “If you job hunt like everyone else, you end up like everyone else.”  Learn to fight “Fired” with “FIRE”