Basic Program:

· Two sessions of career assessment.

· Career counseling and emotional support throughout your campaign.

· Career changing: transferring your skills into a new industry.

· Preparation of a targeted resume .

· Preparation of a broadcast cover    letter.

· Preparation of a networking letter.

· Preparation of a follow-up letter.

· 25 referrals to networking resources:  human resource directors,   want ads, the internet and direct mailings to   targeted companies

· A copy of Barry Cohen’s best-selling book “Power Interviewing, Killer Cover Letters: How to Get the Job You Really Want!”

· A 3-hour interview and job hunting preparation workshop

· 3-hours of tailored interview preparation , scripting and before-and-after rehearsals

· Two sessions of strategy follow-up: salary and benefit negotiation, job  retention and advancement strategies.


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The Career Counselor

"If you job hunt like everyone else, you end up like everyone else."